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Think Globally, Drink Locally!

Lexington Brewing
and Wine House
Free Bacon Friday, 6:30-9:30pm.
Denny Dwyer on Guitar and Vocals!
Saturday Aug 1, 8-11pm
The Smooth Sounds of Cory Allen
Sunday Aug 2nd, 2-5pm Jazz Cafe'
Blue Water Jazz Society Trio, Robert Gorinak,
Jack Wellington, and Ryan Michelz
Monday-Wednesday 12pm-7:30pm
Thursday 12pm-9pm. Friday 12pm-11:30pm
Saturday 12pm-11:30pm. Sunday 12pm-7pm

5475 N Main Street  Lexington, MI                 1-810-359-5012                  

Drink Beer and Listen to Music for
a Good Cause.

Now on the Fund Raiser Tap -
Captain's Lager!

"Aye Matey" Drink up for the
Leukemia Cup.